How to Optimize Your Gym Facilities Using Rotation Scheduling Software

In gymnastics, every gym struggles with creating that perfect class rotation schedule.  And there

is no perfect guide that can help every gym achieve this. Gymnastics facilities range in size,

equipment, mindsets, goals -the list of variants is infinite.  

Rotation Scheduling Challenges

Imagine yourself sitting down, the table in front of you covered in papers. You have a list of all your

classes, when they meet, who coaches them. An excel sheet with a time table and the equipment

laid out. You take a deep breath, shrug your shoulders, and dive in. A few hours later you feel as

though you are making great progress. Looking down at your hard work and multiple revisions

you realize the worst.  And then it all crumbles. You double booked the uneven bars, you forgot a

class, or scheduled your Level 4s two beam rotations. There are a countless mistakes that many

of us make that lead to the remaining of your schedule to be deemed useless.

Perhaps you have succeeded in formulating the perfect schedule, but you need to find room for

more classes.Enrollment is up, and you just cannot fathom the idea of turning kids away because

of a wait-list. Looking at your schedule nothing can budge…or so you think.

A New Rotation Scheduling Tool

Gym Soft, LLC launched in the winter of 2017 and released the one thing every gymnastics coach needs, but never knew could even exist. A gym owner, a gym coach, and a gym parent joined forces to solve the scheduling problem within their own gym. After 6 months of development Speedy Grid  was released to the market with great success.

Speedy Grid is a cloud-based software that generates rotation schedules using data imported from your class management system and a little extra work form you. With just a few hours you could have all of your rotation schedules for the entire gym for the next year. No amount of revisions with pen and paper could achieve that time.

A Deeper Look At How It Works

From the dashboard, one can import their classes in a flash due to our integrations with Amilia’s class management system. All you need is your organization ID. After the import is complete, the next piece to build your gym is in regards to equipment. Start by creating a ‘simple’ piece of equipment for everything in your gym that can be used independently (e.g. floor panel 1, floor panel 2, uneven bars, single rails, preschool bars, etc.).

Next you use these pieces to create ‘alias’ equipment. So if a class needs the entire floor you name it floor and add all the panels of simple equipment that make it up. This tells the program to block out all the pieces involved. The last type of equipment is ‘equivalence,’ meaning either or. If you want a class to have one of the floor panels but have no preference as to which one.

You can create an any floor and add all the floor panels and the program will pick whichever is available. The same can be done with warm-up areas. Did we mention that Speedy Grid will schedule warm up areas first? You mark the warm up areas and the program will prioritize it to be scheduled first.

The last piece of information that Speedy Grid needs is the class setup. Under each class you set desired rotation blocks, in any order. The program will do the rest. You can edit classes individually or as a group if they need the same rotations. Other features such as color coding, scheduling coaches, and prioritizing who gets scheduled first are also part of this process.

This is where the magic happens. Once all class and equipment data is set, you are ready to generate your first schedule. As soon as you push that button, count to 3 and watch as Speedy Grid presents you with the future of your scheduled rotations. If any classes could not make it onto the schedule, Speedy Grid will place them at the top in bright red. From there you can drag and drop with any desired changes.

Save Precious Time and Money

The automated scheduling of Speed Grid can save you hundreds of dollars in indirect costs spent on scheduling. Research shows that gym owners spend 15 to 20 hours per quarter scheduling their gym’s equipment and classes. Assuming that you’re paying yourself $30 per hour, that means you’re spending $600 per quarter ($2,400 per year) in direct costs to scheduling your gym. Your indirect costs of losing 30 hours with your athletes is immeasurable.

Speedy Grid can schedule your gym in lightning speed. And with that schedule you can find room to add classes, or even an entire new program. The possibility of growth in your gym is limitless with the automation of your schedules. At Speedy Grid we want to help you focus on bringing the highest quality gymnastics instruction to your young athletes, and not waste time scheduling rotations for your gym! Speedy Grid is an easy solution to your scheduling needs allowing you to put your focus where it needs to be, your athletes! And by partnering with Amilia, there is seamless integration between managing the heart and soul of you gym.

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