25 Items Every Mom Needs for Dance Recital

The first recital your child is in can be a whirlwind. You need so many things to be prepared, but by the time you get there you have packed enough for the entire studio. Here is a list of the top 25 essentials every dance mom needs to have!

1- A large tote or bag to hold everything! Make sure it is unique so you can spot it from a mile away. Things will be moved and and bags will be stacked, so make it bright so it stands out!

2- Baby Wipes-For quick fixes of makeup. Or for hands after a quick snack before they go on stage. Plenty of things can get messy but no time to run to a sink.

3- Q-tips

4- Pack of tissues-there is never one close when you need it.

5- Bobby Pins

6- Elastic Hair Ties-make sure the color matches their hair color.

7- Hair Nets-or other bun making accessories.

8- Comb or Brush

9- LOTS of Hairspray

10- Foundation

11- Makeup Pallet-with all the colors of the rainbow

12- Baby Powder - helps with itchy costumes, oily hair, and being sweaty from the bright lights.

13-Mascara or Eyelashes-don't forget the glue!

14- Bright Pink Blush

15- Ruby Red Lipstick

16- Makeup Brushes or Sponges

17- Clear Nail Polish- for any holes or runs in tights.

18- Safety Pins

19- Costumes and all the accessories

20- Dance Shoes

21- Bottle of Water

22- Camera

23- Recital Schedule

24- Gifts or Flowers for your dancer

25- EXTRA TIGHTS! If your child doesn't need them then someone else will.

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