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Speedy Grid™, is a rotation scheduling solution for gym owners brought to you by a gym owner. Our founding team understands your issues as a gym owner because our founding member lives those same issues everyday. At Speedy Grid™ we understand that administrative tasks, such as scheduling, assigning instructors, and general gym management get in the way of the most important thing, the athletes!


Showfection is a recital management staple. When kids are in multiple acts it can be a real struggle to ensure enough time between performances for costume changes. Constantly checking rosters, double backing on work, so many mistakes can be made. Save time and let Showfection schedule all your acts in minutes.


Injury History takes incident reporting and makes it simple and streamlined. Through an app on your phone or tablet, fill out the form, take pictures, sign, and email the report. All reports are saved to the cloud to access from the desktop. Track when and where most injuries take place and how to improve your facility to make it safer. 




The owners of GymSoft grew up in the sports industry. They did things the good ol' fashioned way. So when the opportunity arose to better the processes, they could not just sit by. The company began with Speedy Grid, revolutionizing the gymnastics industry. The first and only rotation scheduler that exists. Then on to breaking boundaries in the dance industry. But we could not stop there, we had to keep going. Always on to something else to better the sports world.


GymSoft was founded by a gym owner and a gym coach. Both had extensive sports backgrounds and were on to roles to continue teaching young athletes. But it wasn't easy. When they developed a software to help them they had to share it with the rest of the industry. Our vision is to help the owners, manager, and coaches of the sports industry better serve their athletes. For us, we will continue to create products to simplify processes and each communication between current programs.


We pride ourselves in making things work. Many of our customers have multiple pieces of software that simply do not talk to each other. That is where we can help. We have helped sport facilities simplify their processes by writing custom software that, not only lessens the stress of an owner or manager, but also allows legacy software to communicate with more modern software platforms. 

We are always ready for the next product. If you have an idea please share and we will try our best to make it happen.




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